Environmentally friendly green printing is imperative

2019/07/11 15:32:42

"Implementing the innovation-driven strategy and building an upgraded version of the modern printing industry has become the main line of development requirements, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, guiding green production, promoting the development of cultural industries and the construction of ecological civilization." On March 12, the National People's Congress representative, Guangdong Tianlong ink Feng Yi, chairman of the group company, suggested that China's printing industry should actively promote environmentally-friendly green printing, vigorously promote the process of green ink and green printing, improve the quality of the atmospheric environment, and protect the health of the people.


The printing industry is an industry that involves many fields such as news publishing, student textbooks, food packaging, decoration and packaging, modern office, electronics industry, building materials, etc. It is an indispensable part of the national economy and an industry closely related to people's lives. Since the reform and opening up, the printing industry has developed rapidly and comprehensively in terms of production scale, process tooling and technical quality. However, in the process of the overall development of green environmental protection in the printing industry, there are still problems in the industry chain (including ink industry), VOC control, environmental protection printing materials, and promotion and application.

Feng Yi said in an interview with the China Business Daily that the core of promoting environmentally friendly printing is ink. Since the organic ink (VOC) is required in the production process of the conventional ink, the organic solvent in the ink is volatilized into the air during the printing process, which not only poses a hazard to the body of the printing worker but also causes a large air quality. The effects, especially the residual solvents of printed matter, can also have an impact on the health of students, readers and consumers. At present, most of the printing industry in China still uses traditional inks (offset inks, solvent inks). With the improvement of people's living standards, health awareness and environmental protection awareness are also constantly improving. China's printing industry promotes the use of environmentally-friendly printing inks, such as water-based inks, UV-light-solid inks, and other innovative environmentally friendly inks without VOC content. It is very urgent to solve the VOC emission reduction in the printing industry and solve the residual solvent in printed matter, and promote the development of China's printing industry to environmental protection and green direction as soon as possible.

Feng Yi suggested that in China's printing industry to promote environmentally friendly printing, first of all, should start from the printing industry chain (printing, ink), linkage to solve environmental problems as a whole, accelerate the overall development of the printing industry to green, environmental protection; Second, the national industrial policy should be given Support and guidance, relevant policies to provide support and guarantee; In addition, support for technological progress, environmental printing, green printing as the main line, to play the main role of enterprises, especially backbone enterprises; Finally, support green printing and ink environmental protection industry supporting projects, Establish sound legislation, supervision, testing and production standards.

Feng Yi also said that China's green printing standard system and implementation framework need to be further improved, and the green standardization system and certification system for raw and auxiliary materials are not yet sound. We should vigorously promote the green development, recycling development and low-carbon development of printing and related industries; promote the construction of green printing environmental protection system and testing system, realize the coordinated development of green materials and environmental protection equipment; develop clean production technology innovation projects and create clean production demonstrations. The base will meet the national requirements for energy conservation and consumption reduction, VOC emission reduction, etc.; use green printing to force the mechanism to integrate effective resources and eliminate backward production capacity. We should implement relevant policies and opinions on the development trend of digitalization, informatization, networking, and intelligent industries, give full play to the role of market mechanisms, enhance industrial innovation capabilities, promote circular economy plans, achieve sustainable development of the printing industry, and promote the printing industry. Integrate advanced science and technology to achieve a comprehensive digital transformation; promote the printing industry to extend the industrial chain, integrate creativity, design elements, develop Internet + public service platform, and realize the transition to modern service industry. Improve the construction of green printing system and green testing system, promote clean production, and achieve full coverage of green printing in the fields of publication printing, commercial printing, packaging and decoration printing. Only by implementing the green printing strategy can we effectively eliminate backward production capacity and create a new pattern of low-carbon and green development in the industry.

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