APH Type Free-processing Plastic Table Printing Ink


APH Type Free-processing Plastic Table Printing Ink is made of imported high-quality materials and it is a high-quality gravure printing ink specially designed for printing various plastic films such as PP and PE which are not processed by electric spark.

The performance characteristics:

1. This product has excellent printing suitability and is suitable for printing on various gravure printing machines;

2. It has a good adhesion to various plastic films such as PP and PE which have not been treated by electric spark;

3. The heavy metal index meets the US FDA and EU RoHS standards;

4. In the high temperature, the printed matter has no penetration, back viscosity, oxidized redness.

The applicable substrates:

Untreated polyethylene and polypropylene film, and can also be used for printing aluminum foil, nylon, PET film and other materials. (Customers must do pre-press evaluation due to differences in various films).

The use and scopes:

1. Mainly used for food packaging and printing with special requirements packaging;

2. Not suitable for printing food packaging for high temperature cooking;

3. Not suitable for composite processing.

The printing viscosity:

Depending on the printing speed, it is recommended to use viscosity.

Normal white:        12~14 seconds/25°C         No. 3 Chaen Cup

Normal color:         13~15 seconds/25°C.        No. 3 Chaen Cup

Adapt to the speed:   50~150 m / min

The diluents:

This product has three solvent ratios, and the user can choose according to the conditions:

No.1Methylcyclohexane90%Isopropanol  10%
No.2Methylcyclohexane80%Isopropanol  10%Butyl ester 10%
No.3Methylcyclohexane70%Isopropanol  10%Butyl ester 10%

Note: No. 1 is the fastest, No. 2 is the standard, No. 3 is the slowest.

The notes:

1. This product should not use polar solvents such as ether and water and chain hydrocarbon solvents such as gasoline as thinners during the printing process;

2. This product has the smell of paraffin, please evaluate the risk of batch printing before printing;

3. Shake the ink in the barrel before use to ensure quality consistency;

4. This product should be kept away from fire, sealed and stored for one year.

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