BPI type new plastic surface printing gravure ink


BPI Type New Plastic Table Printing Gravure Ink is made of the latest technology, imported high-quality materials and special technology. It is a high-quality gravure printing ink specially designed for exporting plastic film packaging bags.

The performance characteristics:

1. This product has excellent printing suitability and is suitable for printing on various gravure printing machines;

2. High gloss, high adhesion, high surface slip;

3. The heavy metal index meets the US FDA and EU RoHS standards;

4. The printed matter is in a high-temperature sealed container, and there is no phenomenon of penetration, back viscosity, oxidation and redness;

5. The resistance to drying of printed matter can reach the highest level.

The applicable substrates:

Surface-treated polyethylene and polypropylene film, and it can also be used for table printing of aluminum foil, aluminum foil paper, nylon, PET film and other materials.

The use and scopes:

1. Mainly used for gravure printing of packaging materials such as food packaging and shopping bags;

2. Not suitable for printing food packaging for high temperature cooking;

3. Not suitable for composite processing.

The printing viscosity:

Depending on the printing speed, it is recommended to use viscosity.

Normal white:                  12 to 17 seconds / 25 ° C           No. 3 Chaen Cup

Normal color:                   13~18 seconds/25°C                   No. 3 Chaen Cup

Adapt to the speed:        50~150 m / min

The diluents:

This product has three solvent ratios, and the user can choose according to the conditions:

No.1Toluene60%Isopropanol 30﹪Ethyl acetate10%
No.2Toluene60%Isopropanol30%Ethyl acetate10%

Note: No. 1 is the fastest, No. 3 is the slowest.

The notes:

1. In the printing process, the polar solvent such as ether or water and the chain hydrocarbon solvent such as gasoline should not be used as the diluent; 

2. When the diluent is used, please check the quality of the self-purchased solvent in advance to prevent the ink from deteriorating;

3. When the temperature is low, the product will gel, and it can be recovered by heating with a little stirring.

4. Shake the ink in the bucket before use to ensure consistency of quality.

5. The product should be kept away from fire, sealed and stored for one year.

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