OHPU Type Benzene-free and Ketone-free General-purpose Compound Ink


The OHPU Type Benzene-free and Ketone-free General-purpose Compound Ink is a general-purpose composite ink containing no benzene and ketone solvent. It is the best choice for printing composite plastic packaging.

The performance characteristics:

1. It does not contain benzene and ketone solvents, and has little environmental pollution;

2. Good versatility, suitable for the printing of various composite packaging films;

3. The colors of printed products are rich, bright and have strong sense of layering;

4. The adaptability of the scraper and the reproducibility of the dot are excellent, and the printability is good;

5. Using a single liquid type can withstand temperature 121 ° C, if the steaming requirements are higher than 121 ° C, need to add a curing agent.

The applicable films:

Good adhesion to the following films:

Polyester (PET)

Nylon (NY)


K coating (including K cellophane)

PT cellophane


Processing degree above 42 dynes

Processing degree 52 dyne or more

Processing degree 38 dyne or more

Printing grade

Printing grade

Polyvinyl alcohol

The compound types:

Dry compound        Non-solvent compound

The cooking conditions:  

PET/ink/CPP, NY ink CPP120 ° C, 30 minutes, contents (water / oil = 10/1)
PET/Ink/NY/AL/CPP135 ° C, 20 minutes, contents (water / oil = 10/1)
PET/ink/AL/CPP135 ° C, 20 minutes, contents (water / oil = 10/1)

The printing viscosity:

The printing viscosities of the color ink and the white ink were set at about 13 to 20 seconds / 25 ° C 3 #Chaen Cup.

(When using medium-speed drying and slow-drying thinners in use, be very careful about residual solvents and dirt.)

The diluents formula:

N-propyl acetate
Ethyl acetate90

Butyl acetate

Note: OHPU#1 is the fastest drying, OHPU#4 is the slowest drying.


Car speed 180 m / min White ink thinner ratio Ethyl acetate: Isopropyl alcohol = 90:10

                    Color ink thinner ratio N-propyl acetate: Butyl acetate: Isopropanol = 80:10:10

The use of two components:

When the printed matter needs to withstand temperatures above 121 ° C, the curing agent needs to be added to the ink to enhance the temperature resistance of the ink.

Please use the OGH#2 Curing Agent produced by our company. The dosage according to the ratio of ink: curing agent=100:4. The remaining two-liquid ink should be sealed and stored. If it is used again, it should be added with new ink. It is better not to use it in steam-resistant products.

The notes:

1. This product should not be mixed with similar products of other manufacturers. When self-dispensing thinner, please pre-test the quality of self-purchased solvent to prevent the ink from deteriorating;

2. The curing agent will fail after being mixed with water. Please seal the residual curing agent;

3. Avoid mixing the residual ink into the residual ink. Do not use the residual ink that has been gelled. The residual ink cannot be used after being stored for 48 hours under unsealed conditions.

4. The new ink and the residual ink are mixed at 2:1, the residual ink is too much, the adhesion is decreased, and the sticking phenomenon may occur;

5. Shake the ink in the bucket before use to ensure quality consistency;

6. The product should be kept away from fire, sealed and stored for one year.

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