LZMO Type Ester-soluble Compound Printing Ink


The LZMO Type Ester-soluble Compound Printing Ink is produced by using imported ester-soluble resin containing no benzene or ketone solvent and imported pigments and additives. It is a compound ink specially designed for BOPP food packaging printing.

The performance characteristics:

1. This product does not contain benzene and ketone solvents, prints have no odor, low solvent residue, and is suitable for food packaging requirements;

3. It also has good adhesion and recombination to OPP film which has low surface treatment;

4. The ink color is bright, the dots are clear, and the leveling property is good;

5. The transparent ink has the characteristics of non-adhesion, non-sticking, etc.

6. The ink can be completely dried in the range of 50 m/min to 350 m/min as long as the solvent is properly formulated;

7. Good storage stability, no freezing in winter.

The applicable substrates:

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP): treatments above 32 dynes

The suitable composite modes:

Dry compound              Non-solvent compound

The printing viscosity:

White ink: 13~16 seconds/25°C            No. 3 Chaen Cup;

Color ink: 15~18 seconds/25°C             No. 3 Chaen Cup

The solvent ratios:

Please use the OH-11 type special thinner produced by our company. The OH-11 type thinner is divided into three types: fast drying, medium drying and slow drying.

No.1N-propyl acetate   20%Ethyl acetate   80%
No.2N-propyl acetate    90%Ethyl acetate   10%
No.3N-propyl acetate   60%Ethyl acetate  40%
No.4N-propyl acetate    60%Ethyl acetate    30%Propylene glycol methyl ether acetate  10%

Note: No. 1 is the fastest, No. 4 is the slowest.

The notes:

1. Please do not mix with other manufacturers of ester-soluble inks;

2. In PE extrusion compounding, please use LZMO-B ink;

3. It is not recommended to print PET or nylon film;

4. When the composite aluminum or printed pattern has heat sealing requirements, please test the risk first and then print it;

5. When self-dispensing the diluent, please check the quality of the single solvent first;

6. Shake the ink in the bucket before use to ensure quality consistency;

7. The product should be kept away from fire, sealed and stored for one year.

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