LYMO Type Ester-soluble Casting Compound Ink


The LYMO Type Ester-soluble Casting Compound Ink is produced by using imported ester-soluble resin containing no benzene or ketone solvent and imported pigments and additives. It is suitable for food casting composite packaging which the residual solvent is very strict.

The performance characteristics:

1. This product does not contain benzene and ketone solvents, prints have no odor, low solvent residue, and is suitable for food packaging requirements;

3. In the absence of AC coating, the composite strength of CPP and CPE casting is high;

4. The ink color is bright, the dots are clear, and the leveling property is good;

5. The transparent ink has the characteristics of non-adhesion, non-sticking, etc.

6. It can also be used in dry composite or solvent-free composite products;

7. The ink can be completely dried in the range of 20 m/min to 180 m/min as long as the solvent is properly formulated;

8. Good storage stability, no freezing in winter.

The applicable substrates:

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP):             

treatments above 38 dynes

Polyester plastic film (PET):                                     treated at a rate of 48 dynes or more

Nylon plastic film (NY):                                             treated at a rate of 52 dyne or more

The suitable composite modes:

Extrusion casting compound            Dry compound                    Non-solvent compound

The printing viscosity:

White ink: 13~16 seconds/25°C         No. 3 Chaen Cup;

Color ink: 15~18 seconds/25°C          No. 3 Chaen Cup

The solvent ratios:

Please use the OH-11 type special thinner produced by our company. The OH-11 type thinner is divided into three types: fast drying, medium drying and slow drying.

No.1N-propyl acetate    30%Ethyl acetate   70%
No.2N-propyl acetate    50%Ethyl acetate   50%
No.3N-propyl acetate    80%Ethyl acetate   20%
No.4N-propyl acetate    70%Ethyl acetate   25%Propylene glycol methyl ether acetate  5%

Note: No. 1 is the fastest, No. 4 is the slowest.

The notes:

1. Please do not mix with ester-soluble casting inks from other manufacturers;

2. Mixing with ordinary composite ink will reduce the casting composite strength;

3. When self-dispensing the diluent, please check the quality of the single solvent first;

4. Shake the ink in the bucket before use to ensure quality consistency;

5. The product should be kept away from fire, sealed and stored for one year.

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