OHCP Type Paper Gravure Ink


The OHCP Type Paper Gravure Ink is made of imported resin, additives and high-grade pigments. It is a high-gloss, alcohol-soluble and environment-friendly ink. The ink does not contain toxic VOCs such as benzene. The heavy metal content does not exceed the standard. The raw materials used are in line with international food packaging hygiene standards.

The performance characteristics:

The product is bright in color, high in gloss, fast in drying, strong in adhesion, odorless and leveling of printed products; low solvent residue, no toxic VOC such as benzene, and excellent wear resistance and temperature resistance. , printability and other characteristics. Especially suitable for cigarette and candy packaging and other paper packaging printing.

The applicable substrates:

Imported or domestic coated paper 

Pre-coated white cardboard.

The use and scopes:

It is suitable for printing on paper imported or domestic paper gravure printing machine. The printing speed is 50 to 200 meters per minute. As long as the diluent is properly matched, the ink can be completely dried.

The printing viscosity:

(White ink) printing viscosity: 12-15 seconds / 25 ° C           No. 3 Chaen Cup

(Color ink) printing viscosity: 13-18 seconds / 25 ° C            No. 3 Chaen Cup

The diluents:

It is recommended to use the special thinner for paper gravure produced by our company. (1 type quick-drying, 2 type standard, 3 type slow-drying, 4th slowest-drying) If the user can match the thinner, the following ratio can be used:

No.1Acetic acid acetic acid   80﹪Isopropanol  20﹪
No.2Acetic acid acetic acid   50﹪Isopropanol 50﹪
No.3Acetic acid acetic acid   30﹪Isopropanol  40﹪Propylene glycol methyl ether 30%
No.4Acetic acid acetic acid 30﹪Isopropanol  30﹪Propylene glycol methyl ether40%

The notes:

1. When using ink, please do not mix with other brand inks to avoid insolubility;

2. When self-dispensing thinner, please check the quality of the solvent in advance. If the quality of the solvent is bad, it will destroy the advantages of ink printing;

3. Shake the ink in the barrel before use to ensure quality consistency;

4. The product should be sealed and stored, away from fire, the shelf life is one year.

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