OHW-011D Waterborne Gloss Oil


The OHW-011D Waterborne Gloss Oil is produced by new type of formulation and process. It is an economical waterborne gloss oil specially designed for ordinary paper glazing without special requirements.

The performance characteristics:

1. Low foaming, low odor and strong adhesion;

2. Moderate drying, cost-effective;

3. The surface is smooth, good wear-resistant, protecting the underlying ink well;

4. It has good leveling property on solvent-based or offset ink, and has good printing suitability;

5. Especially suitable for paper surface glazing without special requirements.

The applicable substrates:

1. Coated and uncoated paper or cardboard

2. N/C and lacquer-treated metal foil

The use and scopes:

It is suitable for imported or domestic paper gravure, flexo and offset printing machines for paper printing, and also for paper coating machine to coat paper. The design printing speed is 15 to 100 m/min.

The diluents:

1. Standard mixing: water: ethanol = 4:6 

2. Quick-drying mixing: water: ethanol = 2:8 

3. Slow-drying mixing: water: isopropanol = 5:5

The notes:

1. When mixing with other manufacturers' water-based varnish, please do the mixing test first, to avoid waste.

2. This gloss oil is not suitable for high temperature environments;

3. It is recommended to evaluate the substrate before printing to ensure printability;

4. Shake the gloss oil in the barrel before use to ensure the consistency of quality;

5. This product should not be stored in iron drums. It should be stored in plastic drums and sealed for one year.

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