CSF Type Alcohol-Water Plastic Inner Printing Ink


The CSF Type Alcohol Water Plastic Inner Printing Ink is made of imported alcohol-water-miscible resin, auxiliaries and non-toxic pigments (heavy metals are not exceeded standards) without benzene and ketone solvents. It is an environmental-friendly printing ink specially designed for soft plastic packaging of food and pharmacy. It is an ideal substitute for benzene-soluble chlorinated polypropylene composite ink.

The performance characteristics:

1. This product does not contain benzene and ketone solvents, low solvent residue, heavy metal indicators meet the US FDA and EU RoHS standards, suitable for food and pharmaceutical packaging requirements;

2. Ethanol and water are used as diluents, and no harmful solvents remain;

3. Better composite strength can be obtained by compounding with two-component polyurethane glue;

4. The ink is bright in color, clear in dots, good in leveling, not easy to block, and does not hurt the scraper;

5. Good affinity with benzene-soluble chlorinated polypropylene composite ink;

The suitable substrates:

BOPP, CPP: processing degree above 38 dynes

The use and scopes:

It is mainly used for printing plastic or composite packaging of food and medicine for gravure printing machines.

The printing viscosity:

White ink: 12~15 seconds/25°C No. 3 Chaen Cup 

Color ink: 15~18 seconds/25°C  No. 3 Chaen Cup

No. 1 (standard)Absolute ethanol  100%
No. 2 (fast drying)Absolute ethanol  80%Ethyl acetate   20%
No. 3 (slow dry)Absolute ethanol 80%Isopropanol     20%
No. 4 (low cost)Absolute ethanol  20%95 degree ethanol  80%

The notes:

1. Please do not mix with other manufacturers' alcohol-based inks;

2. This product is not suitable for food packaging in high temperature steaming;

3. The temperature of the drying tunnel is preferably greater than 80 °C during printing, and the air volume is opened to the maximum;

4. When mixing the diluent, please check the quality of the single solvent to prevent the ink from deteriorating;

5. Shake the ink in the bucket before use to ensure quality consistency;

6. This product should be sealed and stored for one year.

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