CSB Type Table Printing Gravure Water-based Ink


The CSB Type Table Printing Gravure Water-based Ink is made of imported water-based resin, additives and high-grade pigments. It is a high-gloss, low-odor environmental-friendly ink.

The performance characteristics:

The product is bright in color, high in gloss, fast in drying, strong in adhesion, low in odor and good in leveling, and has excellent wear resistance and water resistance, and clear printability and good characteristics. It is especially suitable for shopping-bag packaging, gift-film packaging, diaper packaging and many other plastic printing.

The applicable substrates:

Surface treated polyethylene, polypropylene plastic film.

The use and scopes:

It is suitable for printing on imported or domestic gravure printing machines. The printing speed is 50 to 200 meters per minute. As long as the dilution water is properly matched, the ink can be completely dried.

The printing viscosity:

(White ink) printing viscosity: 11-13 seconds / 25 ° C             

No. 3 Chaen Cup

(Color ink) printing viscosity: 11-14 seconds / 25 ° C              

No. 3 Chaen Cup

The diluents ratios:

Note: No. 1: Quick-drying, No. 2: Normal, No. 3: Standard, No. 4: Slow-drying

No.1Ethanol    80﹪water        20
No.2Ethanol     70﹪water       30
No.3Ethanol    60﹪water        40﹪
No.4Ethanol     10﹪water       90

The notes:

1. When using ink, please do not mix with other brands of ink to avoid incompatibility;

2. Due to the difference in plastic film, please make a risk assessment of ink adhesion before printing.

3. When printing with overprint or reticulated version, the drying channel should be lengthened appropriately to increase temperature and wind;

4. The resin in the ink has a self-hinge process, and the printed matter needs to be placed at a pressure of 24H to 48H for better adhesion;

5. Shake the ink in the bucket before use to ensure quality consistency;

6. This product should be sealed and stored for one year.

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