OHPU-8114YG General-purpose Matte Oil


The OHPU-8114YG Two-component Matte Oil is a gravure matte oil designed for PET, BOPP plastic films.

The performance characteristics:

1. This product has excellent printing suitability and is suitable for printing on various gravure printing machines;

2. Add curing agent after curing. High temperature resistance and scratch resistance;

3. Suitable for PET / NY / BOPP films double-sided printing, no back viscosity and powder falling phenomenon.

The printing viscosity and dilution ratios:

Depending on the printing speed, it is recommended to use viscosity: 12~16 seconds/25°C No. 3 Chaen Cup

Recommended dilution ratio: Matte oil: mixed solvent = 1:0.4~0.5

The amount of curing agent added:

Print OPP film non-corona surface, add 3%-5% (not more than 5%) of our special curing agent.

Printing PET, NY film, add 10%-15% of our special curing agent.

The diluents:

This product has three solvent ratios, and the user can choose according to the conditions:

No.1Ethyl acetate 80%N-propyl acetate   10%Ethanol  10%
No.2Ethyl acetate  50%N-propyl acetate   40%Ethanol  10%
No.3Ethyl acetate  10%N-propyl acetate   80%Ethanol  10%

Note: No. 1 is the fastest drying, No. 2 is the standard, No. 3 is the slowest drying.

It is recommended to use No. 1 thinner.

The notes:

1. This product is general-purpose matte oil;

2. Check the adhesion and scratch resistance of the matte oil on the printed materials before printing. 

3. Shake the ink in the barrel before use to ensure quality consistency;

4. If the matte oil is printed in a small area, since the ink consumption is little, it is necessary to add the curing agent in the printing process every 8 hours.

5. When the remaining ink is reused, it is necessary to add the relevant curing agent and use it in a small amount to ensure the product quality is stable.

6. This product should be kept away from fire and sealed.

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