Ouhua Industrial became a member of China National Chemical Association Ink Branch

2019/07/11 15:03:18

In October 2018, Xiamen Ouhua Industrial Co., Ltd. became the eighth member of China Inorganic Chemical Association Ink Branch.


Member of China Daily Chemical Association

China National Chemical Industry Association Ink Branch (referred to as National Ink Association), its predecessor was established in 1985, China Ink Industry Association. It is organized by ink-related industries, enterprises, undertakings, scientific research, testing, consulting, education and other units. It is organized across regions and departments, regardless of ownership. It is approved by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the China National Light Industry Council. A non-profit, state-level industry organization social group registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Our company can become the ink member unit of China Daily Chemicals Association, which proves that our company has a certain right to speak in the Chinese ink industry and contributes to the development of China's ink industry and the development of standards.

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