European ink is rated as "Xiamen quality brand"

2019/07/11 15:02:59

Recently, the Xiamen Municipal People's Government issued the 2018 Xiamen Quality Brand Notice. According to the relevant regulations of the “Xiamen Quality Brand Management Measures”, it was awarded the title of “Xiamen Quality Brand” by Xiamen Ouhua Industrial Co., Ltd.


Xiamen quality brand

“Xiamen Quality Brand” is a comprehensive evaluation of the company's key products, not only the quality of the company's products and the protection of its reputation, but also the company's quality management, brand building, market share, production scale, technological innovation, etc. leading position.

After a series of preliminary examinations, on-site inspections, and review and confirmation by the Xiamen Quality Brand Review Expert Committee, Xiamen Ouhua Industrial Co., Ltd. was finally awarded the “Xiamen Quality Brand”.

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